How it will Work:

  • Registration for Rides is on a “First Come-First Serve Basis”
  • Registration Check-In will be held at the Marysvale City Park on Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Riders will be invited to the Marysvale City Park  at 7:00 am Wednesday through Saturday
  • Riders who did not do pre-registration can register at 7:00 am on Wednesday
  • All Riders will be required to sign a liability release/waiver prior to participating in any rides
  • Please note that rides with 5 or fewer registered participants may be cancelled or combined with other rides.   The Jamboree will make every effort to notify you of which rides have been combined with other rides or cancelled.

Things to Note:

All trails/roads used by the Jamboree are understood to be two-way.  Even on narrow trails, you may meet someone coming on an ATV/UTV from the opposite direction.  Watch carefully for oncoming traffic on all roads and trails.  Remember the Three K’s – Kind, Kourteous & Kareful.

The Jamboree rides will provide direct contact with the elements and place physical demands on both participants and machines.  Those with medical conditions or certain other physical limitations should carefully consider those demands.  Each participant must be responsible for his/her own health and well-being along the trail.  We will never be more than a few hours from the nearest town, but medical assistance is not always available in smaller towns.  If you have particular medical or physical limitations, but decide to go anyway, please make your guide aware of your condition.

We emphasize that the ATV trails are not intended for high speed riding but rather for conservative, safe riding.  It is necessary that all participants stay with the group, remaining behind the front guide at all times, for the safety and peace of mind of the entire group.  ATVs/UTVs must be in good mechanical conditions, tuned up and properly jetted for high altitude endurance rides.

Also, please note that unless otherwise stated in the ride description, you will need to provide your own lunch while on the ride.

Ride Difficulty Definitions:

Beginner:        These rides are almost wholly on dirt roads in the Paiute system.  Some of the beginner rides may include short moderately steep sections or switchbacks.
Intermediate:    Intermediate rides generally include some road and ATV trail portions with some steep, rough or challenging trails.  A ride may also be intermediate in nature due to its length.
Advanced:        Advanced rides will generally include portions that are steep, rough, and otherwise difficult to maneuver.  In some cases, rides are listed as advanced because of the length of the ride.

Ride Schedule

A Self guided Ride to our Lua will depart around 3:00 on Wednesday, this will be self guided.

Friday is Event Day at the City Park and Open Riding Day

All Guided Rides will be Offered on Thursday and Saturday

Paiute Trail Jamboree

Ride descriptions

#3 Monroe Mountain

This ride is rated intermediate and is approximately 65 miles and allows for 30 machines. We will leave Marysvale City Park on Trail #02 following that Sevier River going North joining Trail #24 and across Poverty Flats towards Monroe. At Monroe we will follow Trail #78 leaving the valley floor and rapidly climbing a series of switchbacks quickly entering pine forests up Monroe Canyon past Hunts lake through the Quaking aspen zone until we leave the tree line at about 10,000 feet elevation and up to Monroe Peak to 11,222 ft where you will have a clear view of much of the Paiute Trail system. On a clear day it is not uncommon to be able to see 70-80 miles in several directions. Then we are off to Manning Meadow Reservoir, following Trail #78 until we intersect Trail #1 and head south, where we will stop for lunch and enjoy the mountain meadows and view of the reservoir. After lunch we will travel south on Trail #01 to Trail #02 west down Dry Creek to the valley south of Marysvale and back to Marysvale City Park via the Old River road along the Sevier River. Even on a nice summers day in Marysvale you will want to be prepared for the potential for chilly weather at 11,222 feet.

#4 Adelaide Rendezvous

This ride is rated intermediate and is approximately 95 to 100 miles and allows for 30 machines. We will leave Marysvale City Park North eastward on Trail #02 and a short jaunt along Trail #22 back to the North West, then following Trail #74 going north along the Sevier River and past Hoovers resort in Marysvale Canyon. After crossing HWY 89 westward we’ll will rapidly climb through an tall scrub oak forest ( come back and see the colors in September) along Deer Creek with many Beaver dams until we intersect Trail #01 on the western side of the loop. Following Trial #01 past the Silver King Mine, a restored mining outdoor museum, to Trail #13 where we will begin heading down the mountain on the other side, down through Old Kimberly Ghost Mining District, where we will join Trail #15 and on to Fish Creek then under Interstate 70 back up into pine and Quaking Aspen forests until we join Trail #06 and to Adelaide Campground on Corn creek where we will stop for a lunch break. After lunch we will retrace our path on Trail #06 for a bit continuing until we find Trail #01 and head south a short distance to Trail #10 which will take off the mountain and back into the Sevier river valley to the town of Joseph. From Joesph Trail #22 will lead us past the Marysvale mining district heading back towards Marysvale until we find Trail #02 east of town following along the Sevier river and back to Marysvale City Park. If the day looks to be a hot one, this ride may be reversed so we can spend the warmer part of the day at higher elevations. This is one of the longer rides so be prepared for the potential of rain and chilly air at higher altitudes.

#5 Tip Top

This ride is rated intermediate and is approximately 45-50 miles and allows for 30 machines. We will leave Marysvale City Park, head east across the Sevier river heading north on Trail #02, then across the whop-t-woos to Trail #74 following the old Rail road bed in Marysvale Canyon, past Hoovers resort. After crossing Hwy 89 will will follow Trail #74 west climbing rapidly along Deer Creek (watch for Beaver dams) until we intersect Trial #01 and head north until we pass the Silver King mine outdoor museum where we will connect with Trail #13 and head westerly. Winkler point over look will give you a clear view to the west and down towards the Fremont Indian state park. On a clear day you can see the LDS temple in Manti 100 miles to the north. After passing through the remnants of the upper Kimberly ghost town and mining district where will take forest road 1047 also known as the “Tip-Top-Road” over to Randall’s look-out on Tip Top where we will crest the edge of the tree line and the views are spectacular. Heading off the west side of Tip top we will go past the old silver mines, Fish Creek Meadows onto Rose Bud Creek, northward until we find Trail #13 and begin our return trip. Climbing back up the mountain through the Kimberly mining district and heading eastward back up past Winkler point to reconnect with Trail #01, past the Silver King mine southward to the intersection of Trail #01 and Trail #02. Following Trail #02 we will rapidly drop back down into Marysvale and return to the City Park. Be prepared for the potential of rain and chilly air at higher altitudes.

#6 Pipeline Trail

This ride is rated Intermediate and is approximately 50 to 60 miles and allows for 30 machines. We leave Marysvale City Park, crossing the Sevier River east of town and heading North along the Sevier river on Trial #02 until will take a side road and follow the Durkee Loop southward up to Durkee Springs on Forest road 153 skirting the base of the mountains past the Black Bird mine (keep an eye out for old Train rail bed) then over to the Elbow Ranch State Wildlife Area and join Trail #02 heading south. Soon we will follow Trail #25 down the valley until we begin to climb the mountain up through the Oak trees towards Kingston troughs. A short distance on Trail #01 eastward is where we will find forest road 1213 known as ‘The Pipeline Trail’. It’s not much of a road so it is a fun ride as we work out way up onto Forshea Mountain where we will find high mountain meadows, lots of Quaking Aspen groves. Keep an eye out for Deer. We will begin to head North on Trail #73 then northward on Trail #01 following the Skyline of Forshea Mountain staying on the skyline until we intersect Trail #02. Trail #02 will take us down quickly down Dry Creek off the mountain back into the valley. Heading Northward we will return along the ‘Old River Road’ or Trail #77 back to Marysvale City Park. Elevations are not quite as high along the Skyline but you should be prepared for rain and chilly air.

#7 Iron Mountain Maze

This ride is rated Beginner and is approximately 30 to 40 mile and allows for 30 machines. We will leave Marysvale City Park eastward over the Sevier River and North on Trail #02 to Trail #22 to Iron Mountain where the more adventurous can take the switchbacks to the top of the mountain and back (This is optional) The ride winds around in the Old Uranium Exploration Days Roads go in all directions. There are many many trails so attempting to describe the exact route would be nearly impossible. Don’t worry, we have never lost anyone in the Maze. After a time ride will go west into Marysvale Canyon on Trail #21 past the Antelope Mine to Hoovers Resort for a break then on back to Marysvale VIA the Old Railroad grade on Trail #74 to Trail #02.

#8 Couples Special

This ride is rated Intermediate and is approximately 45 to 50 miles and allows for 30 machines. We will leave Marysvale City Park crossing the Sevier River and heading North on Trial #02 to Trail #74 and following the old railway in Marysvale Canyon to Hoovers Resort. After crossing Hwy 89 going westward we will follow Deer Creek climbing rapidly up through the Oak forest (you have to see this in full Fall colors) until we find Trail #01. Following Trail #01 to the south west we hug the edge of the mountain until the timberline ends, crossing the Tushars at about 12000 ft. This is the highest point on the Paiute Trail system and the views are simply spectacular. Keeping your eyes on the lookout for Mountain Goats, bring Binoculars for the best peek at our famous white heard. We will continue on down the other side of the Tushars through a fun series of switch backs to Big John Flats for Lunch. Leaving there we double back on Trail #01 down to Beaver Creek until we find Trail #02 into Marysvale. Be prepared for the potential of rain and chilly air at higher altitudes. This is a very popular ride so sign up early.

#13 Spare Rib Special

This ride is rated Beginner and is approximately 80 to 90 miles and allows for 30 machines. If you like BARBEQUE RIBS this is for you. We leave Marysvale City Park across the Sevier River, follow the Old River Road south until we meet Trail #02 again near the Elbow Ranch Wildlife area and follow it up Drycreek then Northward on Trail #01 through Aspen groves and meadows. After we pass Manning Meadow Reservoir we will stay on Trail #01, past the Guard Station down past Milos Kitchen to Koosharem (LUNCH IS ON YOUR OWN) You can order from the menu or just order the RIbs YUM YUM!! After lunch we will return by a different route over the same mountains back to Marysvale. Your guides may take Trail #44 northwest from Trail #01 to Trial #78 south and reconnect with Trail #01, OR they may take Trail #01 west to Trail #86 past Upper Box Creek Reservoir and reconnect with Trail #01. Depending on weather and time allowed there are a few other scenic routes that may be taken so relax and enjoy the ride. This is a very popular ride so sign up early.

#16 Cottonwood Loop Mining History

This ride is intermediate and approximately 35 miles and allows for 30 machines. Leaving Marysvale City park going West we will take Trail #77 up to Revenue Gulch dropping into Bullion Canyon and continuing westward to Miners Park outdoor museum and take a Tour Miners park for a first hand look at History. This is a Walking tour and there are Restrooms available. Bullion creek still has plenty of color so feel free to run a few quick pans and see what you can find. After leaving the Mines Park we will continue on Trail #77 up the North slope until we crest at Alunite Ridge overlooking Cottonwood Canyon with spectacular views at 10000 ft. We will continue down the South slope into the bottom of Cottonwood Canyon and across highway 89 back through Thompsonville or the old River Road returning to the Marysvale City Park.

#17 60 inch Special

This ride is rated ADVANCED 60″ or less the ride is 70 to 80 miles and allows for 30 machines. We will be leaving Marysvale City Park, crossing the Sevier river and following the Old River Road Trail #37 South to Trail #35 south past Piute State Park Reservoir and cross over highway 89 at the south end of the reservoir. Just north of the town of Junction we will take Trail #34 West into the foot hills until we turn south and follow Trail #32 to Trail #01 near Circleville. Heading due west on Trail #01 we will climb swiftly up Wades Canyon (WATCH THE SWITCHBACKS) onto Big Flat where will follow Trail #29 around Puffer lake to Three Creek and rejoin Trail #01 at Grizzly Ridge. Running up Sawmill Ridge we will cross Big John Flats and ascend the switchbacks the highest point on the Paiute trail system at nearly 12000 ft. From here the views simply never end. onWe will drop back down Trail #01 (Watch for Mt Goats, they might look like patches of snow) then join Trail #02 and into Marysvale returning to the city park.

#18 Rock Hound ATV adventures (SELF GUIDED)

This ride is rated Beginner and approximately 15 to 20 miles and allows for 30 machines. This ride will leave Marysvale at 10AM. Leaving the park heading North through Thompsonville, we will stop by the Paiute Petroglyphs and tour the Rock Shop containing most of the rocks from this area. We will provide maps as this is a self-guided ride.

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  1. I am confused by contradictions on the website. Under FAQ it is stated that if you need to change rides, it should be done before Aug 1 but the information on the ride descriptions implies all ride sign up is at registration on Aug. 8. Do we need to pre-select our rides? If so how do we do this as there was no form on the registration page, nor on the ride description page.

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